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WineBlueBook: West Coast and Tuscan wines
This month's edition of WineBlueBook features Red Burgundy, Bordeaux, West Coast Pinot Noir and Tuscan Sangiovese wines. Over 1,600 wines are rated.
The Best Wine Bar in the Universe?
I like wine bars. I wish there were more of them around when I was single and had the energy to go out and spend hours on the town with friends. These days I don't get to visit many, thanks to the crazy day job and the little one at home. But if I do end up having a drink after work, chances
Grenache, the untold story
Hey, it's a new Wine.Woot guest blog post! Gary Gibson, Winemaker of Shadow Canyon Cellars (Paso Robles, CA), joins us to dish the real story on Europe's favorite grape, Grenache. Grenache is
The Essence of Wine: Red Berries
Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch In the depths of the forest, shafts of sunlight pierce through dark green canopies, illuminating bright red jewels glinting amidst green briars. Treasures of flavor, the berries of forest and heath have long been gathered by eager hands seeking the kind of
Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Mix (3)
The Russian, the Brut and the Wedding Napa Valley Private Eye P. Noir in: Farewell, My Cuv é e. The Iron Horse gang is back in town. That's going to go about as well for me as red wine with
Jemrose Vineyards Estate 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache - 2 Pack
The Future Is Foggy Gaze into my crystal ball, fair traveler, and let us pluck your destiny from the vine of fate. Shh. Madame Imbibe cannot work with such distraction. Do not worry about