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The Best Wines from Chile?: Tasting Notes for Wines over $40
As some of you know, I spent the last week traveling around Chile trying to get a sense of the country and its wines. It was my first trip there and I was quite excited to taste a lot of wine -- education by immersion, so to speak. With that in mind, my hosts for the week, the Wines of Chile
Top 10 wines in the US press
Will Lyons picks "an interesting example of the food friendly wine made in Uruguay right now" and Jessica Yadegaran recommends "a truly yummy Pinot Noir.
Cantine Ferrari, Trentino, Italy: Entry-Level Wines
Who knows what it is, exactly, about sparkling wine that entices us so. But go to any wine region around the world, and you're bound to find someone making sparkling wine there (for better or worse). Most, even the best contenders, have a hard time holding a candle to the benchmarks of Champagne.
The Essence of Wine: Apples
Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch In one simple fruit are all man's sins remembered. Dully reflected in the freckled orb we have witnessed some of our deepest archetypes. Forbidden knowledge, betrayal, murder, immortality, respect, sustenance, even civilization itself. Doubtless the first
Forenzo Vineyards Mixed (6)
Another hilarious misunderstanding. Sgt. Boxpeppers: Pretty ugly scene here, Shermung. Hope you and your team can help. Shermung: No worries, Sarge. Our crack team of experts will make
'Direct' your own wine classic
Two exceptional releases from Francis Coppola Winery - Director's Cut 2012 Alexander Valley sauvignon blanc and 2012 Director's 2010 Sonoma Coast pinot noir - are artistic expressions of Sonoma