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The Grapevine: Tackling big meal by Emeril in Miami Beach
Saturday night at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and we've survived a tough day of lounging by the pool, heading off to the spa and generally preparing ourselves for the big meal tonight.
Stark Raving Wines, Joel Stein, Food Trucks and a Crazy Good Time at Cottonwood
When I saw H-Town StrEATS post about the Stark Raving Wines book signing with free wine and street truck food, I didn't hesitate.
Ty Caton Tytanium (2)
Tytle Ty, Ty again. We thought we could come up with some clever "Ty" wine names, but it's not as easy as it looks. ArcheTYpe sTYle PterodacTYl HairsTYle TYodine AeorTYnamic TYnasty
White Flowers Sparkling Riesling (6)
Prepare Yourself You forgot the anniversary/important dinner/cat's birthday. Here's your "Get out of Jail Free" card. Remember what happened last time, Captain Forgetful? When you came home to
Death by the Glass: A Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mystery
High-stakes wine fraud and murder disguised as a heart attack compel Sunny McCoskey to again toss aside her chefs apron and don the role of sleuth. When the list of suspects includes her new lover, the celebrity chef at a posh Napa Valley eatery, the personal risks of her investigation rise
1972 vintage, Three Lakes Winery celebrates 40 years
John McCain was living in California when he decided to make a batch of wine, experimenting with something a little different, a little unusual.