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Kosher alcoholic choices for Passover widen
How about a margarita with that matzo ball? Until recently, syrupy sweet wine was a staple of the Passover Seder, the ritual meal that celebrates the liberation of the ancient Israelites from slavery
Grape Identity Crisis in Australia (Wine Spectator)
Wine producers learn their Albariño might be Savagnin; others ask what the difference is
Sophora Rosé & Cuvée Mixed Sparkling (6)
Celebrations call for sparkling drinks and sparkling drinks call for celebrations. Celebrations call for sparkling wine. But not all celebrations have to be big events. Crack open a bottle of
Windsor Oaks Reserve Chardonnay (6)
chard & soul "Time to spray this locker room down with ... a delicious chardonnay? I thought we usually got champagne for this sort of thing." "Hey, Barry, about the post-game beverage."
A tour of B.C.'s growing wine country
Have you considered going to Langley ? Yes, Langley. The picturesque home of the local horsey set, just 40 kilometres southeast of Vancouver , is a growing and well-respected wine region.
China Cuts Back on Big-Buck Bordeaux (Wine Spectator)
A government campaign against lavish spending has led wine drinkers to spend less