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Chinese Wine Too Good to Be True
I had high hopes for Chinese wine. And I still do, to a certain extent. But I can't say I'm surprised by the latest news that the government is shutting down some wineries and pulling wine from the shelves after finding a whole lot of faked, adulterated, and chemically altered wine on the
Cape Classics to Represent Mvemve Raats MR de Compostella in the USA
Today Cape Classics announced their appointment as the exclusive importer of Mvemve Raats MR de Compostella to the USA. This critically acclaimed Bordeaux blend from Stellenbosch, South Africa, is a
Buying Birth-Year Wine for Children
At two years old, my daughter is already pronouncing her judgement on wines. She does this in one of two ways. She either takes a long sniff in the glass, or she puts her finger into the neck of the bottle, twirls it around and then sticks it in her mouth while putting on a thoughtful expression.
Do low yielding vineyards necessarily produce better wine grapes?
You all remember Stillman Brown from his epic contributions to the forum discussions when we offered a three-pack from his Red Zeppelin Winery back in April. So we couldn't be more thrilled to
Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack
Somewhere, in a dark and smoky room in Washington DC… Just what are they serving at those super committee meetings, anyway? Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve convened here to address our
Domenico Amador County Cal-Italia - $54.99
LARP It Up Young man, I’ve afraid we don’t allow weapons in this wine shop. You’ll have to leave your sword outside. Now then, how can I help you? I see, so you’ve all been traveling