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Airline Wine: (Nearly) Everything You Wanted To Know
So there I was, sitting in Business Class on my way across the country, courtesy of an all-too-rare-these-days upgrade (thanks to my lowly status), and the option of having a glass of wine with my lunch arose. Always up for an adventure, I ordered the Merlot, and gamely tucked in, when I had
2011 Dark and Delicious Petite Sirah Tasting: February 18, Alameda, CA
I've referred to it in the past as "the beast." Possessing tannins that need to be tamed through intelligent winemaking, Petite Sirah can truly be a monster of a wine. One of the least-well-known red grape varieties that are commonly grown in California, it does not command legions of rabid
Vinography Images: Young Carmenere
Young Carmenere
A budding leaf of new Carmenere growth bursts from a pruned cane. Carmenere has accidentally become Chile's signature grape. Imported early in the 19th Century to Chile by Bordeaux wine growers, it was mistaken for Merlot for more than a century before being properly
Toccata Mixed Red (6)
Toccata be kidding me! Here’s what three nontraditional wine authorities have to say about these Toccata wines. Phelps County Truck & Boat Trader , Sept. 23, 2012:
“FOR SALE : 2011
Lake County wineries win big in San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
SAN FRANCISCO >> Four Lake County wineries brought home Best of Class awards in the 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Winners were 2013 Shooting Star Barbera, 2014 Gregory Graham
Broc Cellars Bennett Valley Grenache (3)
Abusing The Privilege "Do you have the Dry Stack Grenache?" "No, I'm afraid not, sir, it has been very popular." "Very well. Do you have any recommendations?" "With your meal I think the