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Winemaking On The Fly
Recently I've been tasting some of the upcoming pinot noir releases from Oregon's 2013 vintage. As you might suspect from the vintage reports, the quality can vary a bit due to the significant rain
Inspiration Vineyards Burgundian Trio
The Right Idea Attention uninspired people: I have tasted Inspiration and it is great. First thing’s first: despite what you might have heard, you don’t get struck by Inspiration; you
Time to taste the wine, Friday, September 20 right here in Portland, Oregon
Here we are, edging closer and closer to fall wine festivals! Learning how this year's grapes are fairing, and cooler days and nights lead to wine, wine, wine! There are, per usual, some very
The Secret Behind a Key Ingredient of Red Wine Revealed
Time to crack open the Pinot - scientists say they've discovered the health secret to a main ingredient in red wine.
New Rules for Oregon Wineries (Wine Spectator)
Easier access to Pinot Noir—state law allows more tasting rooms; critics complain it favors big wineries
New York Wine Expo 2011: February 25-26, New York City
OK New Yorkers, listen up. Most of the time, America looks your way with envy. You've got the best restaurants, the best films, the best theater, the best art scene, it goes on and on. But one thing you ain't got so much of is good public wine tasting events. Which is why there's always a bit of