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Hospice du Rhone 2010 Tasting: April 29 to May 1, Paso Robles
Most wine tasting events focused on a specific style or type of wine that take place in California suffer from a single, but important deficit: they feature almost exclusively California wines. Go to a Pinot Noir event, and you get 95% California Pinots, etc. There are a few notable exceptions
Pacific Rim Yakima Valley, Solstice Vineyard Riesling
It’s only a matter of time. The world of wine is RIPE with social media possibilities! Reggie installed “Living the Wine Life” on his page! Join and compare wine notes! Hmmm. That’s
Bighorn Cellars 1.5L Random 2-Pack
Because you're gonna seem cultured if it's the last thing you do! Pour yourself just a little Bighorn. Look at you all standing over there with that group of International Business doctoral
Gård Grand Klasse Mixed Whites (6)
Klasse but not Kleast Yes. You'll occasionally find non-wine products here on Wine.Woot, but this is NOT one of them. This is a six-pack featuring 2 varieties of white wine from Gård: The
Geyser Peak Summer Whites (6)
Best Before Labor Day A pail of shades of white. The second-best answer to the question "Do you like white wine?" is "Be more specific." This six-pack of three Geyser Peak Summer Whites
wire: LaV Hosts Their First Wine Dinner; Kristine Kittrell Digs...
EAST 7TH - LaV will host their first wine dinner next Wednesday, April 16 with Littorai Wines at 6 p.m. Per the press release, Littoria is "a small, family owned and operated winery producing world