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Some Oregon wine sales buck recession
Workers box up bottles of Pinot Noir wine at Willamette Valley Vineyards. Despite the recession, established wine brands with strong distribution channels and loyal customer bases are reporting
Carneros Heritage Festival: May 30, Sonoma
Carneros is one of California's most distinctive and special winegrowing regions. While wine lovers can argue for hours about the concept of terroir , few California wine aficionados can dispute that Carneros possesses a unique and dynamic climate that is forged from geography and meteorology.
WineSmith Mystery (6)
everyone loves a mystery WINESMITH MYSTERY CASE: FAQ Q: What will I receive in this mystery case? A: Six unique wines, including the following three guaranteed bottles: One signed bottle of
Picnic season and the 'march' to value wines
Even when a Chicago winter is as uneventful as the one of 2015-2016, people are pining for picnic weather. When spring and summer come, it's time to pay close attention to the new releases of good
Winemaking On The Fly
Recently I've been tasting some of the upcoming pinot noir releases from Oregon's 2013 vintage. As you might suspect from the vintage reports, the quality can vary a bit due to the significant rain
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, Co. Breakup Bar - $15.99
Delicious Delicious Delicious Pretty is nice. We like pretty. Everybody likes pretty. But pretty isnít the most important thing when youíre talking about chocolate. A deluxe assortment of