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What Am I Tasting? (Wine Spectator)
This white walks the line between green apple, grass and lime notes and ripe citrus, peach and melon flavors. There's amazing intensity and focus, with a zingy, mouthwatering acidity and hints of
8 & $20 Recipe: Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Crepes (Wine Spectator)
Turn leftovers into an elegant dish, top with an indulgent lemon-ricotta sauce and add a lively Italian white
Provisioner Wine to Release New Ros and Host Tasting Party on Roosevelt Row
Following the successful release of affordable white and red wines "for the people" earlier this year, Provisioner is ready to celebrate - and offer the public the first-ever taste of a new ros wine.
Waterbrook Sangiovese Rose (6)
pretty You tried the white. You tried the red. Perhaps a bottle of this instead? Drink this: Because it's wine. Don't drink this: Before your soccer game. Benjamin Franklin said of this
20th Harvest at Raptor Ridge Winery
Wine always tastes better in the vineyard as we determined sampling the 2014 GrA1 4ner Veltliner surrounded by vines laden with fall foliage as far as the eye could see. This varietal is an aromatic
Wall Cellars Chardonnay by Twenty Rows
These things are all the rage. Hey YouTube, I’m making this video of me tasting some wine. It should be hilarious! What’s up everybody, it’s JTCoolio420_1988, comin’ to you from my