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The Essence of Wine: Tobacco
Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch Broad leaves, kiln fired, transmute a weed into an aromatic wonder that has conquered the world. Before it became a scourge, it was sacred to some of the world's earliest peoples. Like many such medicines, tobacco began its life as a gift from the gods, to
California Wine Month "Road Trip" Tastings: Sept 6 & 22, Los Angeles / San Francisco
If it has been decreed by governmental proclamation, it must be true, right? September is California Wine Month , didn't you know? Most things, like pirates , popcorn , or left-handed people just get a single day to call their own. But wine has become so vital to California, that it deserves
Premiere Wine Auction Nets $5.9 million
St. Helena, Calif. - The 18th annual Premiere Napa Valley futures auction raised $5.9 million Saturday, up 90% from last year's already strong $3.1 million.
Weather's Impact on California Wine
In the heart of California Wine Country, PJ Alviso can't believe that his Napa Valley vineyard is already in bloom.
Italy without wine? There are plenty of other tastes to savor
Weekends in Napa became a thing of the past. Bordeaux was no longer enticing. And Italy's wine country fell off the radar - until last summer when we were planning for a few days of touring after a
Wine Ink: Ancien Wines - " Global Pinot and a local winemaker
Ken Bernards, the owner-winemaker of Ancien wines in the Coombsville appellation in the southern reaches of Napa Valley, preps for a tasting of the 2007-2013 Ancien Wines Haynes Vineyard Chardonnay.