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Paso winery offers great vino at bargain prices
My love affair with the wines of Paso Robles continues. My biggest fear about Paso is that all the attention being lavished on this still-quiet corner of California by Parker, Wine Spectator and
Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack - $44.99
Glee Club Places, everyone, places! Singing is like a perfectly chilled wine, one can’t waste time letting it get warm! Okay, everyone ready? Let’s give it a go. One and a two and a
Does Machine Harvesting Lower Wine Quality?
As some of you know, I recently spent some time on a press trip down in Australia. I'm still working through my notes from that trip, but one of the main points of interest for me were the vineyard practices of many of the producers, in particular with regards to harvesting. Many wineries, of
Philippe Bascaules Appointed Managing Director of Château Margaux (Wine Spectator)
Bascaules returns to Bordeaux to fill role of late Paul Pontallier; will remain director of winemaking at Napa's Inglenook
WineWorks DVD and Wine Teasers Wine Game Combo Pack - $9.99
Anything More Fun Would Be Uncivilized Me, host a gathering devoted to vulgar pursuits like the playing of games and the watching of DVDs? What do you take me for, a Hells Angel? Regardless
Midwestern winemakers seek label of their own
The roster of beloved winemaking regions rolls right off the tongue. Napa. Sonoma.