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What's More Fun than a Magnum of Wine? How About a Hundred? (Wine Spectator)
Wine Spectator's Bring Your Own Magnum parties attract a who's who in Napa and Sonoma
Wine Writers and Social Media: The Panel Video
As some of you know, I spent the week before last at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in Napa. I published a recap of some of the highlights last week , but as some attendees pointed out, there was a glaring omission: the panel that I moderated that dealt with wine writing and social
One Thousand One Pinot Noir Four - Pack by Kent Rasmussen
First They Taunt You, Then You Win For the average person on the street, “Kent Rasmussen” sounds like the anchor of a local news program. No, it’s okay. he knows it too. But maybe it was
Marin County Pinot Noir Tasting: June 13, Larkspur
Most of the major appellations of California tend to have their own large tastings, where members of the public have an opportunity to sample a broad range of wines from a specific area. These tastings, as I am fond of reminding you readers, are by far the best way to educate your palate and to
Pedemonte Cellars Duo - $54.99
All We Are Is Dust In The Wine Taste this wineonly for a moment and the moments gone But that distinctive character you notice certainly didnt come from Kansas. Its the mark of the
Wellington Port Vertical Trio - $59.99
Becca: So then Im like, Uh, yeah, duh! It says EXTERNAL USE ONLY for a reason! We were at the hospital for like seven hours! He stayed home tonight, his throat was still itching so bad.