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Hughes Family Syrah Vertical (3)
Talk like a ponce day Audacity of Hughes "I will have the sustainable sea bass, if you please." "Excellent choice, sir." "And what wine would you recommend with that dish?" "Well, sir, I
Deep Sea Chardonnay + Rosé (4)
Taste Adventures Deep Sea wines are delicious on their own, but why not stoke your daring side with these adventurous cocktail combinations? Sangria Royale 2 cups Deep Sea 2012 Chardonnay
Don't toss those carrot tops! Turn them into delicious pesto
It's a nice - if overly simplistic - way of saying that a wine often pairs well with foods produced in the same region its grapes were grown in. Which is why Chianti goes so nicely with Italian food.
Four full-bodied Italian wines to enter the Indian market
Italian food has long enamoured Indians. But their wines have somehow played second fiddle to their French and Australian counterparts.
Top wines in town for pairing
Last week, winemaker Arco Laarman, who has been at the estate for more than a decade, brought some of his best to Durban for a food and wine pairing which took place at the Craft Trattoria restaurant
First Avon Lake Wine Festival gets rave reviews from organizers, crowd
The breeze off Lake Erie kept more than 1,500 attendees of the first Avon Lake Wine Festival cool while nearly 1,000 people sampled wine from five Lorain County wineries, enjoyed art, music and food