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Toccata Mixed Red (6)
Toccata be kidding me! Turns out “Toccata” is a kind of classical music, and not, as we originally thought, some sort of soft bread. Pairs well with: Food or your preferred energy
Pareto's Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (6)
Why aren't there more wines based on economic principles? “The food looks great.” “Thanks! Now let’s crack open a quaffable bottle of wine that will pair nicely with this meal. How
A Taste of Spain Comes to Vinexpo Bordeaux (Wine Spectator)
Wine Spectator and Vinexpo host an event to showcase Spain’s wine and food culture
Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc (4)
They say Jaking up is hard Two do A LIST OF JAKE-ORIENTED WRITEUPS WE WOULD HAVE DONE IF WE HAD MORE TIME Jake and Jake radio show Song parody: “Jake Me up before You Go-Go” Twist
TAPAS Tempranillo Tasting: June 14, San Francisco
Sometimes I feel like California vintners don't experiment enough. While they may be trying a wide range of rootstocks, clonal material, yeast strains, trellising methods, barrel regimes, and the various other minor, yet important variables that can make for higher quality wine, far too few