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De Long’s California Wine Map - $14.99
Cartografornication Ah, California. Land of clogged freeways, suicidal cults, water rationing, and massive budget cuts. Right now, the reality of life in the Golden State may not quite match
Quick Access Napa-Sonoma Wine Country Map and Guide (California Wine Region Maps)
On the heels of the hugely successful "California Wine Map", The Wine Appreciation Guild has just released the "Quick Access Napa-Sonoma Wine Country Map and Guide" spotlighting the wineries and vineyards of the country’s wine capital. This full color, topographically precise map is the most
California Wine Month "Road Trip" Tastings: Sept 6 & 22, Los Angeles / San Francisco
If it has been decreed by governmental proclamation, it must be true, right? September is California Wine Month , didn't you know? Most things, like pirates , popcorn , or left-handed people just get a single day to call their own. But wine has become so vital to California, that it deserves
The Best Zinfandel in California: Tasting ZAP 2009
In this tough economic climate, people are spending less on the discretionary side of their budgets. If you had asked me to make predictions, I would have told you that this would likely have led to fewer people attending this year's ZAP Zinfandel festival . Certainly market data are showing us
The Coming Carnage in the California Wine Industry
"The shitstorm is just beginning," he says, with a gravitas that makes it sound like the end of the world for the California wine industry. And while it may be the end of an era, rather than the end of the industry as we know it, my conversations with the man that I will refer to as Deep Tank
Book Review: Wines & Wineries of California's Central Coast
Review by Arthur Przebinda. The Central Coast is a huge appellation. Compiling a comprehensive guide to its wineries is nearly a Herculean task. William A. Ausmus, a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Communications professor, set out do that with his book: Wines & Wineries of California's Central