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Pro-Am Tasting Invitational: Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
Nothing beats wine advice from an experienced taster. But what if you're just stumbling into the wine game? Wouldn't it help to get a gut-level gut-check from a n00b's gut? That's the thinking
Pinot Noir Everywhere: From the Expected to the Fringes
Yes, I'm on a Pinot Noir kick this week, thanks to my recent attendance at the World of Pinot Noir conference in Shell Beach, California. I haven't had time to write up my notes from the grand tasting of several hundred Pinots that I tasted, but I did want to share some notes from an interesting
Kent Rasmussen on Pinot Noir and Carneros (Two of His Favorite Subjects)
In the tradition of Peter Wellington and Scott Harvey, please welcome another occasional Wine.Woot guest blogger. Kent Rasmussen of Kent Rasmussen Winery has graciously agreed to share his
Isabel Mondavi Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Vertical - 3 Pack
Hey, if the name fits. "Pinot Noir?” We prefer to think of it as “Pinot Hardboiled Crime Fiction.” Rain lashed against the window like shotgun shells rattling on concrete. Outside the
Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, OR - 2 Pack
Expressions of love Now, my sweet darling, I shall compare thee to a bottle of Pinot Noir. If your significant other is like mine, he or she demands you speak sweet nothings to him or her in
1996 J. Rochioli "West Block" Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
To paraphrase Shakespeare , there are wineries that are born great, those that achieve greatness, and those that have greatness thrust upon them. To explain: some fantastic wineries are started by people who are superstars already, and it hardly seems to matter what they do -- these properties