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The Joy of Pink Pinot: Tasting at the 2011 IPNC
Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of everything pink when it comes to wine. Rosé is one of the most underrated and least appreciated wines by "serious" wine lovers. Food friendly, refreshing, and complex, the best rosés are among the wine world's most versatile and exciting wines.
Plush Reserve Pinot Noir
You never know. It might go great with a little Salt and Pepper. Ah , plush it
Ah, plush it Oooh Pinot, Pinot
Pinot, Pinot
Oooh Pinot, Pinot
Pinot, Pinot
Get up on this! Ow! Baby!
Pinot Noir Everywhere: From the Expected to the Fringes
Yes, I'm on a Pinot Noir kick this week, thanks to my recent attendance at the World of Pinot Noir conference in Shell Beach, California. I haven't had time to write up my notes from the grand tasting of several hundred Pinots that I tasted, but I did want to share some notes from an interesting
Williams Selyem, Russian River Valley: Pinot Noir Current Releases
Great wineries not only make great wines, they do so consistently. This year-in-year-out maintenance of quality can prove quite difficult, especially for wineries that practice winemaking in a so-called "non-interventionalist" manner, allowing the vintage to show through the fruit, and allowing the
The Best Pinot Noir in California?: Tasting Pinot Days 2009
The Pinot Days grand tasting event, which took place yesterday at Fort Mason in San Francisco, brings together one of the largest collections of Pinot Noir producers in North America for the tasting pleasure of the public. I was interested to see whether attendance at this year's event would
Pro-Am Tasting Invitational: Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
Nothing beats wine advice from an experienced taster. But what if you're just stumbling into the wine game? Wouldn't it help to get a gut-level gut-check from a n00b's gut? That's the thinking