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Wines of the Year 2009 - and send in your nominations
Once again I present my Wines of the Year - the best wines I have tasted in seven different categories, plus two extra categories: 'Dud' of the Year, and 'Thing' of the Year.
Alder's American Wines of the Year
One of my embarrassing personal secrets has always been that I have a lousy memory for what I drink. People often ask me, have you had this or that wine, and quite often my answer involves fumbling for my mobile phone in an attempt to search my own website to answer the question. Half the reason I
Rack & Riddle Sparkling New Year's (4)
The Wineminster Snob Show Happy New Year! Drink wine, and forget all the horrible things that happened in 2012! After the poodle incident, the women of Sacerly Court were banned from the
Woman Winemaker of the year finalists
Six dynamic winemakers are through to the final round of this year's South African Woman Winemaker of the Year Award.
Best New Year's Eve parties in Napa Valley and wine country
Shuffleboard will be only one of the activities at the New Year's Eve festivities at the Meritage in Napa. It is not too early to begin thinking about how you are going to celebrate New Year's Eve.
30 Years of Diners Club Winemaker of the Year Competitions
The Diners Club Winemaker of the Year Competition remains the most credible wine award in SA and this year's winner, Bartho Eksteen , was a most popular champion who should have won when the category