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Emblem Passito Dessert Wine (3)
We love wine for dessert! (By "dessert" we mean "breakfast.") Sometimes after a big dinner, you want to sip something a little special, maybe something a little sweeter than just plain old
Humphry Slocombe Headed to Whole Foods; The Brumaire Natural Wine Fair Is Right Now
Humphry Slocombe is hitting Whole Foods shelves in 38 of the 43 Northern California Whole Foods . You can get Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, Honey Graham, Tahitian V*n!ll@, and Peanut Butter Fudge
EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver (4)
On air. Oxygen: The Periodic Table's Untamed Mistress! Air isn't just a band that hipsters love. Air is also a vital component in the evolution of wine. Without air, your wine will never reach
How Weather Can Make or Break a Wine Vintage
Warm days and cool nights are good, hail is bad and more on the meteorology behind an awesome or awful vintage. How Weather Affects Wine Vintage is about the last thing most casual wine drinkers look
John Legend Launching Wine Collection
The All of Me singer has teamed up with experts Stephanie Putnam and Jean-Charles Boisset at California's Raymond Vineyards to create his own tipple and he gave fans a sneak peek by sharing a photo
Mass. bill would let club diners bring wine home
When diners in Massachusetts restaurants or hotels order wine with their meal, they're able to take the unfinished bottle home with them, after it is re-corked and sealed in a plastic bag. The same