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2008 Ridge Vineyards "Estate" Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Cruz Mountains
If there's one thing about a winery that is likely to earn my immediate respect it is what you might describe as consistency of vision. Some of my favorite wineries not only make great wine, they have been making great wine in much the same way for decades, according to a deeply held philosophy
Scott Harvey 2007 InZINerator 1.5L Magnum - 2 Pack
Coming in just 10 years or so: Invader Zin. Good for the people at Scott Harvey Wines on not being afraid to throw a cheeky name on the bottle. Too many people take themselves way too
Top Ten Wine Destinations for Sipping Travelers
Relax and drink deeply Casa Silva vino in Chile. Top Ten Wine Destinations: 1. Reims , France Crack open a bottle of bubbly in this picturesque region of France .
Handley Cellars Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris - 3 Pack
And With The Grapes Be Handley OK, guys, we need to straighten this place up pronto. Handley Cellars just called and they’re on their way over. Now I want you all on your best behavior,
International Saké Day: Made like a beer and sipped like a wine.

My first experience tasting saké was back in my sports marketing days. I was shown how to do a "saké bomb" while hanging out with the Oakland A's baseball team after a game one night at a home
Vinography Images: The Wine Library
The Wine Library
I always enjoy poking around in the wine cellars of wineries. I like seeing where they keep their reserve stocks -- their wine libraries of past vintages from which they carefully select a bottle to serve or share on special occasions. Something about dusty bottles thrills