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ZAP Zinfandel Festival: January 28 - 31, San Francisco
It's that time of year again. I know of no other event that seems to bring out the inner wine lover in so many San Franciscans more than the annual ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) festival. It never ceases to amaze me how many people turn out with such enthusiasm for this single
Burgundy winemakers mark feast of St Vincent
In a ceremony with roots in the Middle Ages, several hundred winemakers from villages across Burgundy, some wearing bright red robes, formed an early morning procession carrying antique wooden
Los Clop Argentinian Pinot Noir (5)
Clip-Clop The wine of choice for the foot fetishist. A lot of people like to romanticize the "old ways" of doing things, especially when it comes to wine. So when we say that this Argentinean
Winemaking waste shows antioxidant and anti-cholesterol benefits: Study
Researchers say polyphenols from winemaking by-product red grape pomice has potential as a functional ingredient in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Grapes are the world's largest fruit
Locals in Los Banos brave heat for Downtown Wine Stroll
Don Goin helps a patron select a red at Foundations Public Schools' new office on Sixth Street during the sixth annual Los Banos Downtown Wine Stroll on Friday .
This full-bodied wine is rising in popularity | Kitsap Week
Difficult to pronounce and still relatively obscure, MourvA dre is a red wine grape you will want to become acquainted with because it is a variety on the rise in Washington.