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Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters Fresh Roasted - 3 Pack
Lake-Up Call Premium coffee roasted to order: it’ll be as fresh as the autumn breezes on Keuka Lake. It’s easy to get up in the morning when you live surrounded by idyllic natural
Wine Provides Superpowers
I knew it. I just knew it. It was only a matter of time before science finally caught on to something I've known all along: if I drink enough wine, I get superpowers. Scientists have been getting closer and closer to this discovery for years. Why just a few days ago I got definitive proof that
The Future of Luxury Wine
I spent the latter part of this week at the Vino2010 conference in New York. The largest Italian wine event held outside of Italy, the conference was a combination of major trade-show-style tastings, smaller focused tastings, and panel discussions. One of the panels I attended was entitled "The
White Zin was a sweet accident
White Zinfandel or White Zin, as it is commonly called, is a sweet, pink-colored wine that is made using the red grape varietal Zinfandel.
Europe's Best Wine Bars
Snag one of the 18 wooden stools at this diminutive Bairro Alto boA te, where you can savor a singular Chardonnay from the emerging Alentejo region and be wowed by Barca Velhaa 'a mythical Upper
Roessler Black Pine Pinot Noir - Three Pack - $49.99
Folk Wisdom My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me – what was that we drank last night? Black Pine, Black Pine
A complex, broad red wine
We were sipping  the whole night through My