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Rutherford Hill Napa Valley Rosé (4)
Rosie Rose One should always buy a four pack. That way, one is always prepared for one's company to arrive. Unless one's friends are sick of the way one talks. Grape juice. Grape skins. One
Book Review: Reflections of a Wine Merchany by Neal Rosenthal
Review by Alfonso Cevola. It's not unusual to pick up a wine book that reads like a journal. But Neal Rosenthal's Reflections of a Wine Merchant reads like it could have been the personal journey of a score of young folks who entered the wine industry 30 years ago, me included. The
EU reversed the Rose ruling
The European Union, bowing to an outcry from traditional vintners, has reversed itself and decreed that the cut-rate technique of mixing red wine with white does not make an authentic rose and thus
Beehive Cheese Duo
Oh Beehive Let’s get this out of the way before anybody asks: no, you can’t milk bees. Rest assured that these Beehive Cheese Co. cheeses are made with milk from flightless, four-limbed
2011 Dark and Delicious Petite Sirah Tasting: February 18, Alameda, CA
I've referred to it in the past as "the beast." Possessing tannins that need to be tamed through intelligent winemaking, Petite Sirah can truly be a monster of a wine. One of the least-well-known red grape varieties that are commonly grown in California, it does not command legions of rabid