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The World's Best Kosher Wine?: Tasting The Covenant
The more stories I hear about how some wineries get started, the more I tend to think that by far the best way to start a wine brand is almost by accident. Ten years ago if you had told wine writer Jeff Morgan that he'd eventually be making the best (and most expensive) Kosher wine in the
The Future of American Wine
I just came across what is perhaps the most insightful, well written piece of commentary on the future of the American wine industry I have ever seen. It displays a command of the language, a quality of prose, and a level of research and insight that are altogether rare today in wine journalism.
Independence for the Modern Wine Drinker
Happy Independence Day from the United States, where we're celebrating the historical casting off of the "chains" in which our "colonial rulers" bound us. As the fireworks burst and crackle unseen through the fog here in San Francisco and I catch up on my reading from around the blogosphere, I've
The Wine Lover's Essential Library
I've been asked more than once in the past few weeks about which wine books I like that might make good gifts for the holiday season. And so I've had to give a little thought to which books I feel every serious wine lover should have read. So without further ado, here's my list. I didn't set out
Turkish Wine: Some Initial Tasting Notes
Exploring new wine regions continues to be one of my greatest thrills as a wine lover and wine writer. And when I say new wine regions, I mean new to me, of course. I wish I were writing these words above the bustling streets of Istanbul or out in the countryside off the Aegean, but sadly my
Should Wine Writers (or Bloggers) Be Friends With Winemakers?
Warning: wine writer navel gazing ahead. If you're not interested in such discussions, go read a wine review . Us wine bloggers can't seem to stop ourselves from discussions of ethics in wine writing. Perhaps you've seen the little kerfuffle over at DrVino.Com or the Wall Street Journal wine