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Unfiltered: Jamie-Lynn Sigler Undresses for a Cause (Wine Spectator)
Plus, caveat emptor at a Paris auction, ill-advised jug-wine anesthesia, St.-Emilion gets un-reclassified, again, and Foster's unveils the largest winery-based solar energy system in the U.S.
Washington Wine Country
Washington Sate is known for its apples, its rainy climate, and its dramatic scenery. But did you know that over one hundred wineries call Washington home, and that the state ranks number two in wine production nationwide? This new book comes to us from the wine-savvy duo of author Judy
Salvestrin Estate Napa Valley Cabernet - Two Pack - $59.99
One For You, One For Your Homie Surprises are fun, but shouldn’t come from bottles. If you wanted a guitar solo, you wouldn’t call Snoop Dogg. You’dcall a guitarist. If you wanted a well made
Unfiltered: Paul Stanley Puts Down His Guitar (Wine Spectator)
Plus, New York restaurants battle for bragging rights in the D'Artagnan Duckathlon, a boutique Sicilian winery gets an underage fan in on the act and the latest scientific advance in wine
2004 Erba Mountainside Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa
In Isaac Asimov's Foundation series of science fiction books, the main character has invented a science called Psychohistory for predicting the behavior of large groups of people. And by large groups, I mean the entire galaxy. Based partly in sociology, partly in history, and heavily in
The Chinese Roots of California Wine
Every time I visit Meadowood in Napa Valley, I find myself spending time in front of a reproduction of an engraving that hangs somewhere in most of their rooms. It is entitled "The vintage in California, at work at the wine presses" and was the work of an artist named Paul Frenzeny in the late