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Pinot Days Southern California: January 17, Los Angeles
Given the dramatic increase in popularity of Pinot Noir in America in the past few years, it should come as no surprise that Pinot Days , a festival dedicated to the grape, would be so successful. It is surprising, however, that this festival has never been held in Los Angeles until now.
California isn't alone in growing Zinfandel. (wine peculiar to California): An article from: Wines & Vines
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California Cabernet Society Tasting, May 3, San Francisco
They say "Cabernet is king" for a reason. Even with the surge in interest for Pinot Noir in this country, if I ever bring a bunch of wines to a party, the first wines emptied are almost always the Cabernet Sauvignons. People love them, and with good reason. When good the offer a wonderful
B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots 2-Pound Bag
“No thanks, I don’t like dried apricots.” Woman, you ain’t HAD dried apricots like THESE. Now me and you been workin’ in this here office how long, Julie? “Two? Three years?”
The Canary in the California Wine Cellar?
These days are filled with unexpected and disastrous business news to be sure. I'd imagine not many people were very surprised to wake up this morning to find General Motors filing for bankruptcy protection. On the other hand, I was frankly shocked to learn today that a company named New Vine
Pinot Days Southern California Tasting: January 15, Los Angeles
Wine festivals in Southern California, and especially in Los Angeles, aren't particularly plentiful, for reasons I don't entirely understand. There are plenty of wine lovers in LA, but the large public wine events that make such frequent appearances in San Francisco, and increasingly in New