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Kent Rasmussen Carneros Estate Pinot Noir -Three Pack - $69.99
Primo Carneros Don’t just read Kent Rasmussen’s wisdom about Carneros and Pinot Noir. Drink it. If you’ve seen his recent Wine.Woot guest blog post , you’ve learned a thing or two about Pinot
2007 J. Rochioli "River Block" Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
It took me a long time in my evolution as a wine lover to truly understand the amount of money and sweat and energy that goes into building a world class winery over decades, even centuries. Many wine lovers early in their education (and in their earning power) are often flummoxed by prices for
Oregon's International Pinot Noir Conference: Day One
Under the towering trees and across the sprawling green lawns of Linfield College in the little town of McMinnville, Oregon, several hundred people are plowing through the International Pinot Noir Conference at the kind of pace you would expect for 80 degree days filled with Pinot Noir and good
David Noyes Russian River Pinot Noir - 3 Pack
No Nepotism Here Connections are important… but so is personal skill. David Noyes wouldn’t be assisting Peter Wellington otherwise. It’s all well and good to note that David Noyes has
Davis Family Vineyards Russian River Valley Vertical Pinot Noir
Because there’s only one thing better than having a great year. Having three of them. Go ahead, order this Davis Family Vineyards Russian River Valley Vertical Pinot Noir. Really! We
Expression 44° Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
Dear Natalie, I was really hoping this thing between us would work out. But after a long bit of soul searching, I think maybe we should just be friends. It’s just better this way. Really. I