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Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed Bordeaux Library - 12 Pack
The Public Winery I would do a lot more reading if I could drink in the library… Hi, I was wondering, could you tell me where the wine section is? “Oh yes! Right down that aisle there.”
2007 Meteor Vineyard "Perseid" Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa
Barry Schuler may know a thing or two about running multi-billion dollar technology companies, but what he really wants to talk about, given the chance, is food and wine. The former CEO of AOL, Schuler often gets credited along with Steve Case (who preceded Schuler as CEO) for the company's
Wellington Vineyard Designate Cabernet Trio - $54.99
Cab Ride Let us continue our explorations of the Wellington continuum. See what I did there? Continue? Continuum? OK, maybe it wasnt that clever. Point is, in the first half of the week,
Corison Kronos Vineyard and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack - $119.99
Moderation In All Things, Even Moderation Little kids would spend all Christmas eating chocolate and jam if you let them. Adults can just drink this two pack of Cabs. And so I got home and the
Merry Edwards Wines, Russian River Valley: Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs
Meredith "Merry" Edwards drives an SUV with a license plate that matches the title on her business card: Reina de Pinot . With far too few female winemakers in this country, claiming to be the Queen of Pinot might not involve much competition no matter what your real qualifications. But anyone
Summerland Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir - $49.99
Oh, sure. It’s your time, Pinot Noir. Enjoy it while it lasts. I see you there in your glass, part of some fancy Summerland Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir 2-Pack. You think you’re so great