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Should Wine Writers (or Bloggers) Be Friends With Winemakers?
Warning: wine writer navel gazing ahead. If you're not interested in such discussions, go read a wine review . Us wine bloggers can't seem to stop ourselves from discussions of ethics in wine writing. Perhaps you've seen the little kerfuffle over at DrVino.Com or the Wall Street Journal wine
How to Send Wine Samples to a Blogger
OK, all you marketing and PR folks, listen up. This article is for you. Specifically for those of you that haven't quite figured out how to deal with us wine bloggers yet when it comes to wine samples. And there are clearly a lot of you. I wouldn't ordinarily have thought to write such an
How Many Wine Regions are Too Many?
Can wine grapes be made to grow where you live? For a lot of the world, the answer is yes. But should they? This second question may pose more difficulty to answer depending on your point of view. Certainly if you're a human being, and you need some booze to ease your way along the hard road
Wine Drinkers, Let Sommeliers Do Their Jobs!
Sommeliers have it pretty rough. They have to deal with the assholes of the wine world who view a conversation with a sommelier as an opportunity to demonstrate their hubris and wine knowledge like a rooster strutting before a cockfight. And then there are those who are not annoying, but still
WineWorks DVD and Wine Teasers Wine Game Combo Pack - $9.99
Anything More Fun Would Be Uncivilized Me, host a gathering devoted to vulgar pursuits like the playing of games and the watching of DVDs? What do you take me for, a Hellís Angel? Regardless
Vinturi Wine Aerator
Whoosh Whoosh Leave a bottle open for ten minutes and people might get grumpy. Why not just aerate? You pull that cork and people want wine. I WANT WINE ! they’ll scream. And what are you