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Reflections on 8 Years of Wine Blogging
Eight years ago, I decided that instead of giving my friends the same advice over and over again about my favorite wines and restaurants, I would start a blog -- both so that I would have someplace to send them, and so that I could learn about what a blog was and how it worked. And that, as
Corison Cabernet Vertical Two-Pack
Vertical and Corisontal We aren’t often able to feature the work of female winemakers here
We aren’t often able to feature the work of female winemakers here. But then, there aren’t
Amavi Cellars - Three Pack
Cab Syrah Syrah Lonely little Amavi 2007 Cabernet, dont be intimidated by those two 2006 Syrahs. I know, it can be scary being the odd wine out. You dont get any of their inside jokes, you
Socré Italian Barbaresco (2)
Identical Cousins No, no. That wasn't me who met you at that club. That was my cousin. My identical, one year younger cousin. I'm Socré Barbaresco, she's Socré Barbaresco Roncaglie. I don't
Socré Italian Barbaresco
Oh man, I love campy ‘60s exploitation flicks! Wait. Did you say “Barbaresco” or “Barbarella?” No, I’m not disappointed. Well, maybe a little . I just heard Socré Italian
Balaban's Offers An Award-Winning Wine Cellar and Tempting Tapas
The original Balaban's opened in the Central West End in 1972, and for the next 35 years offered fine bistro food and one of the best wine cellars in town, winning the prestigious Wine Spectator