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Wines & spirits: Strong dollar means good values from California
Back when our dollar was running at 70 cents versus the American buck, California wines tended to be pricey here.
X Winery Cabernet - Three Pack
The X File Who are you, mysterious X Winery – if that IS your real name? You say you specialize in using imagination and efficiency to create wines that deliver more than they promise. But
Brooklyn Brine Co. Pickles
Great Tastes That Go Great Together When it’s three in the morning, a fella could really use some suggested ice cream pairings with these. Look, I know you guys at Brooklyn Brine Co. are
Louisville restaurant is on Wine Enthusiast's top 100 list
The magazine puts its list together each year not just for expensive wines but for restaurants with strong wine programs, star sommeliers and chefs. Here's what it said about the restaurant's wine
White Oak Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Case
Extra Frosting I’m doing my part to help those in need of sea glass. Officer, officer! Calm down! There’s a perfectly good explanation for why I’m out here on this beach drinking
Hendry Wines Estate Red - 3 Pack
Also Good For Other, Less-Specific Situations Only two people know that special secret from the Saturday long ago. It’s not really an important sort of secret. In fact, it’s hardly a