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2009 Denier Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack Winemaker,Peter Wellington
Kinda Sounds Like Williamsburg, Brooklyn There’s a place in your mind that’s just called “foreign.” It’s not a real country, it’s made up entirely from Hollywood movies. There’s
Expression 38° Gap's Crown Vineyard Chardonnay
Like A Game Show Host Or A Drag Queen Sometimes they’re just kooky. And sometimes, they’re just naturally cool. There’s always one, right? The suite-mate who wears a dueling cape to
Summerland Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir - $49.99
Oh, sure. It’s your time, Pinot Noir. Enjoy it while it lasts. I see you there in your glass, part of some fancy Summerland Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir 2-Pack. You think you’re so great
Pedroncelli 2007 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, Bushnell Vineyard - 4 Pack
Took The Oath In 1797, If You’re Wondering You want to impress your friends? Drop some WikiScience on ‘em: Wikipedia says that “(the) arrival of Zinfandel in the United States may
Benziger Merlot Feingold Vineyard- Four Pack
Merle-Os We Think Well Just Stay Here And Drink Them You probably dont know this. A lot of people probably dont. We do, but then again, were kind of experts in this area, so you dont have
2004 Cooper Garrod "Lone Oak Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Cruz Mountains
One of the greatest joys in my life remains the feeling I get when stumbling upon a small winery whose name rings no bells, but who produces excellent wines. I don't know why this is, exactly, but it has replaced the childish joy I used to experience as a young boy when finding a small crystal on a