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Starter Wine Cellars for New Facebook Millionaires
Dear newly-minted-millionaires, Firstly, let me say congratulations on making the investment of time, money, or blood-sweat-and-tears that landed you with a sizable piece of a $100 billion $57 Billion company. I'm sure you're already fantasizing about what you might do with all that money
Some Thoughts on Australian Wine
Anyone who reads Vinography with any regularity would know that I spent some time in Australia recently on a press trip. I got the chance to visit a lot of wineries in both Victoria and South Australia, in the regions of Yarra Valley, King Valley, Beechworth, Heathcote, Adelaide HIlls, McLaren
What I've Learned about Chilean Wine
I thought about titling this post with a bit more gravitas -- something like "New Trends in the Chilean Wine Industry" -- but I didn't feel like I could pull it off. I spent a week there and talked with a lot of people, but can't speak with enough authority on the subject to title this post like
Argyle Insulated Two bottle Wine Cooler and Set of 2 tools
You’re an On-the-Goenophile So Go Already It’s the holiday season, and you know how that brings house guests around. No gift says “take your half-finished bottles of Cabernet and get out
The Funniest Wine Speech Ever?: Joshua Wesson Addresses the 2011 Graduating Class at IPNC
The International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon's Willamette Valley that I attended last weekend was, true to form, delightful. This wonderfully casual event usually takes place under brilliant cloudless skies, on the lush green grounds of Linfield College, a small liberal arts school in the
Book Review: Wine Wars by Mike Veseth
Review by Tim Patterson. A big part of wine's allure is that it is so many different things: a source of alcohol, a source of pleasure, a gateway for entry into the mystical, the erotic, the enlightened, the divine, the silly, and sometimes the idiotic. But for thousands of years, it has also