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Advancing Vinography Wine Press Relations
This post is another one of my periodic entries focused primarily on the wine industry. If you are a consumer, you may find this of less interest. I've been blogging about wine here for more than 8 years, as many of you know, all the while, working pretty hard at my real job to pay the bills
Food | The Cellar: Food + Wine Pairings
This week we are exploring two wines; one somewhat unusual and one as traditional as they come, both of which shine by themselves and when served with food.
2012 World of Pinot Noir Tasting: March 2-3, Shell Beach, CA
Everyone's definition of idyllic varies, but for many people it doesn't get much better than standing on the cliffs above the Pacific ocean on a warm evening, watching the sun go down with a glass of Pinot Noir in hand. If that sort of thing gives you the warm fuzzies inside, then you're a
Wineforecaster visits Eagle Crest Vineyards, the only winery on Hemlock Lake
Leah and David Valvo of Wineforecaster review wines, offer tips and explore the Finger Lakes wine region here each week. This week David visits the only winery on Hemlock Lake, Eagle Crest Vineyards.
Weekend wine Even more for the holidays
At this time of year, it is difficult not to be thinking about choosing wines either for gifting or for enjoying throughout the season as we celebrate with our families and friends. The LCBO is
Meditrina, a new wine love of loves
Newsroom budgets and not bottles have consumed most of my time lately, although I did get to taste five wines in the Pergola over the weekend.