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Author T.C. Boyle on Bottles and Best-Sellers (Wine Spectator)
Award-winning writer finds inspiration in the wines produced near his Santa Barbara home
The Essence of Wine: Lychee
Image © 2012 Leigh Beisch For what other fruit would Chinese emperors establish networks of galloping couriers to deliver it freshly plucked and in the height of its ripe delicacy? If you grew up in Asia, lychees would be a well known treat, thanks to a 2000-year-old love affair
Weekend wine: Picking and choosing
Earlier this week, I read an on-line article in the Wine Spectator by noted writer, Matt Kramer, who identified the characteristic that best described the kinds of wines he sought out for his cellar
Wine: American beauties
It's a pity there are so few American wines available here as many of them are drop-dead gorgeous.
Taylor Eason: Rosés to write home about
Rosé wines are tasty all year round, but summer is high season for all things chilled and pink, writes Taylor. "Rosés are custom-made for thirst quenching. It only makes it better that they're
City Sips | Judging wine is divine
When I speak to people about being a wine judge they think of it as a glamorous thing, but it is as far from that as you can get! I have sat through hours of judging and tasted as many as 250 wines