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Wine Time: Kemo Massey
For years, the Australian Premium Wine Collection has offered wines with a distinctive blue picture of Australia emblazoned with five white stars.
French winemakers expect to cut prices on grand crus vintages
Burgundy wines, hit by a fall in U.S. and British demand suffered a 30% drop in first-quarter exports and a "more difficult" year ahead is expected to lead to price cuts for the region's finest
Blend it like McWilliam's
On a crisp spring morning last month, Australia winemaker Phil Ryan revealed two extremes of white winemaking at McWilliam's Wines.
Ferragamos Convert Crumbling Tuscan Villa to Winery, Resort: John Mariani
Dona t bother going to a wine store and asking for the new line of Ferragamo wines.
And the Winners of Rhone Rangers Tasting Tickets Are...
Thanks to all who entered the Limerick Raffle. We had some choice submissions (see below). The two names I picked from a hat from those who entered were: David Voong
Jamie Hwang Congratulations. You're on your way to the Rhone Rangers tasting. I sent you each an e-mail about how to claim your
What Wine Drinkers Can Learn from Leonardo Da Vinci
As some of you know, I was in Napa last week at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers . The keynote speaker was Michael Gelb , the best selling author and speaker, whose most popular book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci , served as the primary subject for his talk. Gelb is a