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California Wine Rush Tasting: September 17, San Francisco
What does California taste like? A great many things glorious and delicious. And now you have a chance to taste many of them, if you want. It happens to be California Wine Month, thanks to a declaration from Governor Jerry Brown . I've never paid much attention to these kinds of proclamations,
Campaign urges Indiana drinkers to try Traminette
A marketing campaign touting Indiana white wines made from hybrid grapes has helped increase demand for Traminette.
Kent Rasmussen Esoterica Petite Sirah - 3 Pack - $59.99
Sirah’s So Unusual Big and Dense: It’s not just something your mother calls your father anymore. You’d think after about 25 years of wine-making, a guy would get kind of tired of the
Results from the 2011 Vinography Reader Survey
First of all, thank you to all of you who bothered to fill out my online survey. It was a huge help. Six of you won tickets to the ZAP Zinfandel festival. I've sent you e-mails individually, so please check your inboxes and your spam bins (the subject line that includes the words "won tickets"
X Winery - 3 Pack
What Is Wine REALLY? When you get right down to it, what IS wine? It’s a drink, sure, and it’s classy and delicious, but a wine-based algorithm would really trace the evolution of the
Don't let assumptions prevent you from trying dessert wine
Although dessert wines can certainly be enjoyed year round, they seem to be more prominent during the holidays.