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New York wineries

New York state wineries offer a chance for wine lovers to indulge in savoring some of the delights from the region which started producing wine from the 17th century. One of New York‘s oldest winery is almost 300 years old and is still upholding the region’s tradition of producing great quality sophisticated wines. The secret and the tricks have been passed from generations to generation and some of these New York wineries are owned by the third generation of their founders.

Long Island, Hudson River, Finger Lakes, and Lake Erie are four growing regions for New York state wineries. These regions grow wide variety of premium wine grapes for New York Wineries which range from Riesling, Niagara, Seyval and Chardonel for smooth silky white wines to Pinot Noir, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon for dark rich and deep red wines.

New York state is the 3rd largest producer of wine in America trailing only the output of California and Washington wineries. The planting of vineyards started in 17th century, but most of the wineries are relatively new and offer wines at much economical rates with superb quality as compared to the wines from other regions. New York wineries have an edge as many of the vineyards are located alongside of a river which provides a warm air circulation in winter to the vineyard while cooling them during the summer season. Due to this phenomenon, New York wineries are able to produce quality wines. There is a well known saying that a great quality wine starts from a great quality grape.

There are many New York wineries situated in Finger Lakes area. They are responsible for producing exceptional wines which are rich in quality and taste. One Finger Lakes winery that is well known throughout the area is Dr. Konstantin Frank's winery. This winery is considered to be the pioneer in producing wines in finger lake area. This New York winery has been declared as the most award winning winery in the region. Another New York winery, Glenora Wine Cellars from the same Finger Lakes area is also producing fine quality wines which include some of its award winning brands like Riesling Dry, BF pinot Blanc, Bobsled Red, Brut MC, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc.

In the vineyard growing region of Hudson River, a New York winery called Millbrook Vineyards & Winery is producing fine world class wines which have won critical acclaim for its quality and taste. One more New York winery which has won critical acclaim and awards is Rivendell winery whose white wines are considered among the best in the Hudson region. Rivendell winery’s cabernet sauvignon and merlot have been repeatedly crowned best among the other wines of the valley.

The Long Island region is also known for its white and sparkling wine, although you can get some red wines from this area too, but good quality white wine such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are doing very well here. The number of New York wineries is fairly small, but some of outstanding finest wineries are Channing Daughters Winery, Bedell Cellars/Corey Creek Vineyards, Bouké, Paumanok Vineyards, The Lenz Winery and Macari Vineyards to name a few.

The New York wineries in the area around Lake Erie are producing award winning wines including vinifera, ice wines, fruit wines, and specialty wines such as brandies and ports.

It is entirely up to one’s taste which wine they prefer. New York wineries are catching on fast in the wine market and producing fine quality wine which shows perfect integration of fruit, depth of flavor, velvety texture and aromas that mesmerize the mind.

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