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Can You Handle the Wine Truth? (Wine Spectator)

Caring about the fine points—not the score points—makes us look crazy. But we're not

Think Tank Paso Robles Grenache (2)

In Vino Mas Vertias: More Brutal and Anonymous Truths from Wine.Woot Truth #1: I ate your decorative soap by accident. Truth #2: Nobody else does that when they sleep. It's not a normal

Woot Cellars Help Yourself Cab Sauvignon (6)

Help yourself! Before you can help others, you must first help yourself. So why not start by helping yourself to a glass of Woot Cellars Help Yourself Cab Sauvignon? Then, when you're done,

Wellington Vineyards Old Vines Port (3)

more like SWELLington SEVERAL SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT PETER WELLINGTON: -he is terrified of argyle -his sneezes summon stoats -when he plays tennis, he uses his fists -his legs have legs

VinMotion Mixed Reds (6)

not by the hair of our vinny vin vin VinMotion refers to wine and is not a reference to legendary and recently-retired broadcaster Vin Scully. To date, Science has not figured out how to put

Kunde Sonoma Valley Chardonnay (6)

Cruel to be Kunde Picture this: you're walking home from work one day when an eagle swoops out of the sky and grabs your cell phone from your hands. He takes off with your phone and you chase