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Where Are the New Old Masters of Wine? (Wine Spectator)

You can't afford the world's most famous wines? Well, neither can most of the rest of us

Unfiltered: The Wines Behind the Scenes in That 'Crocodile Dundee' Spoof (Wine Spectator)

We found out where Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth ate and drank in the infamous Super Bowl ad. Plus, David Chang goes to the Olympics, and Drake's PĂ©trus stunt goes awry

Somm Selects: 5 Bubblies and Pastries from Pix Pâtisserie (Wine Spectator)

Portland chef-somm-cookbook author Cheryl Wakerhauser explains why sparklers and desserts can make perfect partners

Le Caramel Winter Sampler (5)

There's no such thing as a hole in your heart so big that it can't be filled with caramel. Going through a breakup? Having trouble at work? Feeling crushed by the existential weight of being?

Molly & Drew Beer Bread Mixes (4)

Stop drinking all your carbs and start eating them. Do you ever find yourself thinking "Beer is wonderful, but I wish I could chew on it?" Well, wish no more! Now you can bake your bread into

Northwest Bierhaus and Wine Country Jerky

if you know someone who likes dried protein, OPPORTUNITY'S A-KNOCKIN'!!! jerky has a long, rich history. some say it dates back to the incas. john smith wrote about it in 1612. the egyptian