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Wine, Etc.: Recommendations for the end of the year

As we near the finish line for 2008, it's time for some housekeeping. Here are some wines we have tasted in the last several weeks that we recommend: Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut Zinfandel Dry

Lawmakers likely to hear booze bills

Paul Beveridge envisions a free market for beer and wine. Sure, he freely acknowledges that he's biased as the owner of a small winery with tasting rooms in Seattle's Pike Place Market and just

Join Vinography at The Aspen Food & Wine Classic '09

Now that you're wrapping up your Winter holidays, it's the perfect time to plan your Summer ones. In my opinion Summer holidays should be filled with beautiful scenery, great wine, and delicious food. If you agree, then perhaps you'll consider joining me at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic 2009.


There's a recession, but don't party like it

The country's steeped in a recession, but your partying doesn't have to be. Whether it's an inauguration fete or Super Bowl feast, think creatively in the year ahead to play host to friends and

Have some cheese with your wine

Toast to 20 years of "A Taste of Wine and Cheese" on Feb. 13. The signature fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club is celebrating two decades with more than 300 wines, an elegant hors d'oeuvre

Drunk Dialing: iPhone Apps to Tally Your Tipsiness

If you're willing to trust matters of life, limb and criminal record to your iPhone, here are a few apps that measure just how drunk you are and how they stacked up to reviewer Chris Macias' saucy