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Aulden Cellars: Sotheby's Finest and Rarest Wines Including the Cellar of Thomas S. Monaghan. Catalogue of Auction Held on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005 in New York

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GOTCHA!: Wine Collector Rudy Kurniawan Arrested by the FBI

Though it may go unnoticed by a large part of the wine world, the high-end collecting and auction world was rocked yesterday by a major development, one that promises to turn what was an obscure facet of the wine world into serious news. Millionaire playboy and infamous wine collector Rudy

Starter Wine Cellars for New Facebook Millionaires

Dear newly-minted-millionaires, Firstly, let me say congratulations on making the investment of time, money, or blood-sweat-and-tears that landed you with a sizable piece of a $100 billion $57 Billion company. I'm sure you're already fantasizing about what you might do with all that money

The Best Wine in Washington State: Notes from Taste Washington 2009

The first week of April I got the opportunity to do an "immersion" course in Washington State wine. No, this didn't involve repeatedly dunking me in a vat of wine, amusing though that would have been. Rather, it involved attending the annual Taste Washington wine festival in Seattle. I flew

Aubert de Villaine on Fake Wines

"This has been a bit of an awakening for us," said Aubert de Villaine, when I cornered him after the 2009 vintage tasting in San Francisco three weeks ago and asked him about the controversy surrounding the recent Spectrum auction in London, which, in part, has led to the arrest of Rudy

Love is All You Need: The Magical Wines of Imré Kalo

The road from Tokaj to Eger, Hungary tells something of the country's story. An early spring afternoon shows lush, gently undulating farmland stretching to either side of the two-lane blacktop, which unrolls in front of me with stoic determination. It is going somewhere, at least in contrast with

Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend (5)

Napa Valley Private Eye "P. Noir" in: Phat Goose and the Sonoma Cellar Worth living for. Worthy dying for. Worth going to Woot for. The Woot Cellar. I don’t know how many times I’ve been back here, how many cases have led me down these dusky steps, steps that creak like a bitter old