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Cooking with the Wines of Washington

Experiencing the flavors of Washington's great vineyards.

Cooking with the Wines of Washington provides a tour through the wineries of Washington State, the second largest wine producer in the United States after California. Comprehensive and packed with all the information needed by visitors, it is an excellent reference for both locals and those from outside the state. There are also 100 recipes by some of the world's great chefs.

The tour information includes maps of the wine regions, contact details and driving directions. Among the recipes featured are:

  • Baked brie and pesto dip
  • Hinzerling's pear, port, cheese and walnut salad
  • Château Ste. Michelle boneless leg of lamb
  • Ash Hollow duck legs braised in red wine with blackberries
  • Hedges Family Estate fortified poached pears.

Cooking with the Wines of Washington is a practical companion, a treasured souvenir and a collection of outstanding recipes.

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