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Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter

The Supermodel Of Butter

All the best foods come with rules.

Bread and butter? Pfft. Slice, spread, done. A five-year-old can make that. That’s why bread and butter sits over by the door at all the fancy parties, for people who want to grab a bite as they’re being escorted out for not being cool enough. Take two, oh common man, as long as you take them to go.

Two eight ounce tubs of Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter, however, THAT is the sort of condiment that makes a party. What? Don’t you get it? Well, have you ever cooked with truffle butter? Oh, so your answer is no? Well, there’s a good reason you haven’t, silly. The reason is that you DON’T cook with truffle butter. You have to add it at the end, like a garnish or a final ingredient. Mixing happens in the mouth of the gourmand. Oh, yes, there are rules to that as well. Truffle butter’s harder to work with than Tyra Banks.

The black truffle butter is earthy with hints of chocolate. Throw it on while the food’s still hot, but after it’s been fully cooked. Maybe a rub on the skin of your Thanksgiving turkey or a dollop on a just-finished steak? Maybe whip it into your potatoes or drop it onto scrambled eggs? Good for a sauce, or a soup, or just some kitchen experimentation. You’ll find it works with more than you’d expect.

The white truffle butter’s the other way around: it’s full and strong with pungent garlic-ful tastes. It’ll help pastas that are still scalding from the boil, or vegetables like asparagus and artichokes. Fresh fish, hearty risotto, even your simple bowl of green beans might take a punch from this flavor.

Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter isn’t the easy-to-use can’t-screw-it-up butter we’re all used to eating. But you know what? It doesn’t taste like normal butter either. You’ve got a violent shove of flavor going on here. It may be difficult to handle, but ultimately your food will be better for it.


Black Truffle Butter

With hints of chocolate, this earthy black truffle butter delivers its most volatile notes when slipped into hot foods at the last moment.  Its all-time best use (for carnivores) is on steak.  Drop a dollop on steak as it’s pulled off the fire, wrap in foil for 10 minutes, and enjoy.   The Black can be lavished over the skin of roasted chicken or turkey, as featured in Gourmet Magazine in their Thanksgiving 2008 feature.  Layer it with potatoes, whip into potato, yam, or cauliflower puree.  Top a creamy soup with a pat, stir it into a pan juices for a heady sauce, and melt on scrambled eggs and omelets.

White Truffle Butter

White truffle butter stands alone; it does not need a sauce to release its garlicky, pungent powerhouse.  It is best tossed with still-dripping hot pasta or just-finished risotto.  White butter transforms plain fish, and pushes veggies like asparagus, green beans, and artichokes front and center on the table. 

Ingredients include fresh-churned Wisconsin butter and high quality truffles. No soy sauce is used, a plus for those concerned by allergies. Truffle pieces are in plain view, so customers can see what they are getting.

In the box:

  • (1) Aux Délices des Bois Black Truffle Butter, 8 oz.
  • (1) Aux Délices des Bois White Truffle Butter, 8 oz.

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