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Gard Columbia Valley Mixed White (6)

Art in its many forms.

Not to be confused with "Mixed Whites" by Gustav Entinque.

Yes. You'll occasionally find non-wine products here on Wine.Woot, but this is NOT one of them. This is a six-pack featuring 3 varieties of white wine from Gård Vintners: the 2009 Columbia Valley Pinot Gris; the 2009 Lawrence Vineyard Altruism Riesling; and the 2009 Columbia Valley Dry Riesling.

This is NOT a print of Gustav Entinque's famous painting, "Mixed Whites" in which he used a mixture of five varieties of white paint ("plain white", "off white", "egg white", "pearl", "ivory") to write his initials on a white canvas, only to cover it up with a thick coat of whiteout as a statement on identity confusion, and also how he ran out of paint that week.

If you'd like to learn more about Entinque's work, you can read about it here.

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