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Iron Horse Valentine's Day Magnum


Pony up the romance.

So you've got a hot date, and you want to bring a gift that's sure to make an impression. You settle on a gift horse, because, you figure, who doesn't like horses?

Well, you have two possibilities:

1) Bring an actual horse.

2) Bring this Iron Horse Valentine's Day Magnum.

Now, we admittedly have a bias because we're selling the aforementioned magnum right now, but honestly, all biases aside, we do think your date will appreciate the wine more.

Rather than having a large animal prancing through the house, crashing china to the ground, and destroying the boudoir, you get aromas of cassis, licorice, blackberry, red cherry, raspberry and roasting herbs accompanying the flavors of cola nut, dark berry, blackberry and dried herbs. Maybe you prefer the path of property damage, but if not, we consider the magnum to be a pretty nice option.

Oh, and if you want, you can look THIS gift horse in the mouth all you want, though, we're not really sure where that bit is located on the bottle. That'll be a fun little icebreaker to chat about during your date, as opposed to the opening line, "Do you know how to get horse manure out of linen?"

Happy Valentine's Day!

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