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Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower

Your wine accessories and what they say about you.

Every piece has a personality.

When trying to decide between a Vinturi Red Wine Aerator and a Vinturi Red Wine Tower, consider your roots.

There’s the Aerator: straightforward and direct. Wine needs air to taste better, plain and simple. As it breathes it releases flavors and aromas you never would experience if you didn’t. The Aerator doesn’t need fancy names or flourishes; it calls it right down the line. It aerates; thus it is the Aerator.

Then there’s the Wine Tower. Elegant, dramatic, more artistic inspiration than utilitarian mechanism. It delicately cradles your Vinturi Red Wine Aerator to allow for hands-free pouring and conversation starting.

So all you have to really decide is are you the elegant, head-in-the-clouds artistic type? Or are you the dutiful, head down, no-frills type?

Actually, just buy both. That’ll cover your bases.


Vinturi Red Wine Aerator:


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to clean
  • No batteries
  • Portable
  • No charcoal or internal filters
  • Uses Bernoulli's principle to display the wines intended aromas
  • Easy to use
  • Simply hold Vinturi over a glass and pour wine through. Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You’ll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. It’s that fast. It’s that easy
  • Go ahead, take a sip. Vinturi’s wine tastes better. It is more flavorful and has better mouth feel. It tastes like a richer, more expensive wine. It tastes like it was intended to and is more enjoyable

Additional Photos:

In the box:

  • Vinturi Red Wine Aerator
  • No-drip stand
  • Sediment screen



Vinturi Red Wine Tower:

  • Cradles your Vinturi for hands-free pouring into glass or carafe
  • The elegant Red Wine Tower cradles Vinturi and creates a dramatic presentation for conveniently aerating your wine
  • To aerate your wine hands-free, just place your Vinturi Aerator (Not Included) into the holder on top of the tower and pour
  • The contemporary design complements Vinturi and accents any table, countertop, or home bar
  • Innovative two piece design is easy to store and clean

Additional Photos:

In the box:

  • Vinturi Red Wine Tower


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