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Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

It’s like that picture of the three rocks balancing on each other.

Finally, a wine accessory worthy of a motivational poster in an office.

Listen, guys, I’ve just come back from the most informative seminar. Now I know we’ve had a tough time of it these last few years; we haven’t had a profitable quarter, we’ve had to let a few people go, and the bonus structure has had to be “revisited” several times.

But this thing at the Airport Marriott, it changed me. It’s changed how I see things, how I see business. You see, a company needs balance to be successful. That’s why I bought this Wine Barrel Wine Stave Bottle Balancer from Wine Cask Creations! It’s going to sit prominently in our lobby, holding a bottle of Merlot, so everyone who walks in will know we are perfectly balanced.

Someone get the camera! We’re going to take a picture of this and make it into one of those posters that motivate employees. Put on there, “Balance: When everything’s in tune, nothing can stop us.” We’re going to be millionaires!

Oh, and you guys are all fired. All I need is Jerry here to run the Photoshop and churn out these posters.


Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

  • Display your favorite bottle of wine in a unique manner: Balance it
  • This piece, cut from a red wine barrel stave, will balance your unopened wine bottle on any flat and level surface
  • Each piece has been bottle tested for balance stability
  • Adjust the bottle back and forward until you find the correct balancing position
  • Each piece uniquely reflects the wood grain & red wine stain intensity of the recycled American, French or Hungarian Oak barrel it came from
  • Custom made so no two balancers are alike
  • The natural intensity of the red wine stain will vary in each product. Markings will differ based on the age, procurement and retirement date of each barrel
  • Blistering on the underside occurs while the cooper is toasting the barrel and this result is natural
  • Length and width will slightly vary
  • Approximate dimensions: 8"-14"L x 2"-5"W x 1-3"H

Product Care: Depending on usage, products that come in contact with food will need to be rubbed occasionally with a food-grade butcher block oil. If not, it can be maintained by simply applying Teak oil a few times a year. Must be kept out of prolonged exposure from direct sunlight and/or inclement weather when used outside.

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