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Wine Spectator Menu Light

Get Lit

In some intimate places, it can be very hard to, well, actually see.

And, of course, you can always as for the sommelier. But to a real wine snob, isn’t that just admitting defeat?

Keeping a penlight is another option, but c’mon, that looks lame when you’re on a date. But pulling out a Wine Spectator Menu light, well, now. That little picture changes everything. You go from an idiot fumbling with a light to a class-filled wine snob who wants to see the actual percentages WHAT they’re not on this menu then bring me another that does! And in the smallest print you can find as well so sorry about this darling, really i am

The Wine Spectator flashlight is thin, waterproof, and comes with a vinyl pouch for transport. You’ll also get a cool chart with twenty years of California/Oregon wines, giving you something you can memorize before you go on your date. Ah, yes, I’m familiar with that vintage, my sweet, it was such a delicate summer that year, but I think I’ll choose… a bottle of this. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Certainly better than fumbling with a flashlight and blinding the table next to you, anyway.


Wine Spectator Menu Light

  • Ultra-thin, waterproof flashlight vinyl pouch with a handy storage pocket for cash
  • California/Oregon wine vintage chart going back 20 years

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