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Niagara Wine Tours Feature Seasonal Events


The Niagara wine tasting trail has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years in part because the member wineries sponsor a variety of events throughout the year to celebrate wine in all its amber and golden glory. It doesnt hurt that the Niagara Wine Trail also lies along one of the most scenic driving regions in the United States and is right next to attractions like Niagara Falls and the Niagara casino region. At the east side of the wine trail you are only hours from many New York budget hotels at and an easy day trip from NYC.  At the west side you are only a short drive to the beautiful international city of Toronto with historic sites like the CN Tower & Maple Leaf Gardens.


Niagara wine tours can take an afternoon or last all day depending upon how much time you want to spend at each of the seven major wineries along the trail.  Do you want to visit the vineyards and learn more about their wine-making processor just taste a few vintages and buy some wine?


What makes Niagara wine tasting special, however, is the many ways that the vineyards and wineries turn wine tasting into a celebration.  Heres just a sampling of the many events the wineries get together and sponsor each year:


April Wines & Dines  A food & wine pairing weekend that features wonderful cuisine and signature wines at each stop.  Youll receive copies of all the recipes you taste along the route.  Bring an appetite! 


June Wine&Cheese  This is one of the Niagara Wine Toursmost popular months, so be sure to make plans in advance.  Whats more perfect than a wine and cheese tasting?  Each winery along the Niagara Wine Trail matches theirwines with specialty cheeses that enhance the flavors of the wines and suggest options for your ownwine & cheese parties at home. 


July Cool Whites, Hot Nights  Every year in July, when the sun is hottest and everyone wants some relief, Niagara wine tasting turns its attention to chilled white wines. One weekend in July they cool in some great Jazz music in the evenings and it becomes a festival atmosphere. 


September Harvest Fest  Fresh produce, autumn activities, arts & crafts and fine wines. Theres not much more to say about the annual Niagara wine tasting and harvest fest weekend in September what more could there be in the New England area that you could want?


October Hallowine Murder Mystery  This is the most fun youll have at a wine tasting anywhere. Begin with a commemorative glass and a mystery to solve, then collect clues while taking one of the many Niagara wine tours.  At the end, see if you can figure out whodunit”for a prize!


These are just some of the events that youll find on Niagara wine tours.  The region has made a name for itself by hosting a special event every month throughout the year, so be sure to check and see whats going on when youre visiting.  Chances are theres something special.  Niagara wine tasting isnt just about the wineries its about the events!