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Wine lovers rejoice at the thought of sipping their finest vintage and the pleasure it will bring them.  Such moments however spectacular are fleeting though.  The entire value of a fine wine can be destroyed as fast as you can consume it.  No other investment, whether it be stocks, bonds, art, real estate, or collector’s items can lose its value so quickly.  Investors and wine lovers make for strange bedfellows indeed.

Rare wines hold their value exceptionally well.  Studies have shown their appreciation ratio to be higher than real estate, gold, and even the stock market.  The main draw back to investing in rare or fine wines is that you don’t get to enjoy your investment unlike investing in things like fine art, real estate, or classic automobiles.  The bottle just sits in a wine cellar or rack somewhere and collects dust as its owner dreams about the day it gets to be opened and enjoyed.  If you can suppress such impulses and are looking for alternative investments then investing in fine wines may be a good strategy for you.

You may not be able to sit by and watch fine wine remain un-drunken for any period of time.  Fine wine connoisseurs and investors are generally incompatible.  If this applies to you then you should consider purchasing wine for yourself as well as wine related gifts.  The recipient of the gift may be a die hard investor and happy for an opportunity to drink guilt free.